Laser Welded/Silver Blazed Saw Blade


Metal Bond(Mark M)


Resin Bond(Mark B)


Vitrihied Bonded(Symbol V)


Electroplated bond(Mark P) 

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Metal Bonded (Mark M)    


Metal-bonded wheels   


It is made of compounding metal power (iron, bronze, tin, tungsten and cobalt ect.) of superabrasive (diamond, CBN). -Characteristics Higher and faster grinding is excellent Form maintenance ability is excellent Superior in toughness of bond, wear and heat resistance. Higher Electric power of grinding is neccessary



Resin Bonded (Mark B)    


Resin- bonded wheels   


It is made of mixing synthetic resin(a phenolic resin and polymide), filler and abrasives. - Characteristics Higher and faster grinding is excellent Superior clear surface and high grinding capability due to abundant elasticity Use both dry and wet grinding The range of application is wide.



Vitrified bonded (Mark V)    


Vitreous-bonded wheels   


The bond made of hyaline is easy to break and it has more excellent union than resin bond. Also, it adjusts the strength and performance of chip discharge as it gives a change of porosity and organization. - Characteristics Wear resistance is very excellent. Compare to other bonds, the truing and dressing are easier. Surface roughness is wide.



Electroplated bonded (Mark P)    


Electroplated wheels   


The superabrasive (diamond, CBN) is attached to the steel blade surface as like nickel electroplating form and projected 1/3 or more approximately 1/2 particle size on the blade. - Characteristics It is a tool form of minimum cost. Manufacture is easy with a complicated form and shape. Maximum efficiency of material removal Limited surface roughness and a short tool life





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